Where do we belong; where did we go wrong…

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Sorry elijah, You know Damon, He needs to learn some manners..

We can’t just pick up where we left off can we?
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I would stare at your photo on the murder board. And I started thinking if I would look at it enough everyday that would keep you alive. And then I had this thing about your chair. I wouldn’t let anyone touch it. And the night janitor came by and tried to move the chair and I freaked out and almost shot him.

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penny dreadful meme × four characters [1/4]: ethan chandler

We’ve all done things to survive. There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around.”

You can call me Luke. I see, sir Luke. Just Luke.

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The question was: who did I want to be?

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"And if my husband proves ungallant?"
"I shall cut his heart out with a dinner knife and serve it to you."